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Prameela Sannala is a commerce graduate, a home maker, a talented jewellery designer, an accomplished cook and a very warm hearted person who is always ready to help others with compassion.

(Smt.Anuradha is Prameela's husband's colleague and a good family friend of theirs.)

Anuradha! A Glittering Star in Indian Space Program

Women are made for making men's homes and taking care of kids? Women do not have an inclination towards pursuits in science? Women cannot compete and do well in male dominated hi tech areas? Women who are career oriented do not succeed in managing their families well? There are very few who could reply to all of these questions in one go. There is one shining example of such a woman who has stood out as a glittering star. She is none other than Smt. Anuradha TK. She has successfully disproved many myths surrounding women and has scaled new heights and reached the top echelons of India's space agency, Indian Space Research Organization.

Born in 1960, she graduated as an Electronics Engineer from the University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering in Bangalore. As a child she was fascinated by Neil Armstrong’s landing on the moon. She began her career at ISRO in 1982 and since then has contributed in various capacitiessuch as Check-Out Engineer, Project Manager, Deputy Project Director and Project Director. She has had an illustrious career and retired last year as the senior most woman scientist at ISRO. She has acquired expertise in various types of satellite missions. Be it imaging, planetary, technology demonstration, navigation or communication, she has done it all!

The leadership skills she exhibited made her the right choice for a major responsibility of first woman Project Director. Lo and Behold! She delivered and came out in flying colours. She became popular and is well known to one and all and she became a household name.

She later assumed the role of Program Director of Geo-Stationary Satellites. She supervised and guided many geo-stationary missions. Subsequently, she was promoted to work as Director, SATCOM at ISRO Headquarters. She assumed charge in this senior management role and seamlessly blended herself into the tough task on hand. She played a crucial bridging role between ISRO Headquarters and regulatory authorities and various stake holders, private and government.

Over a period, she has been conferred with many awards and rewards such as Space Gold Medal by Astronautical Society of India; ISRO Merit & Performance Excellence Award; Woman Achiever in Aerospace; Jewel of Karnakata; etc.,

While pursuing a successful career as hers, it is often seen that a woman may not be able to cater enough to the calls of her family. Not her! She is the loving mother of two girls, well placed and married. As for work - life balance, she has led by example. She has been a supporting wife to her husband. She takes care of her aged father and mother-in-law who live with her. She seems to have succeeded in giving her all in both spheres of life.

She is a meticulous and focussed person and when the need arises, she has often risen to the occasion and helped those who have taken their problems to her. She is quick to come to the rescue of any needful woman in trying circumstances. She quintessentially embodies a person that has pursued her childhood dream and inherent passion and has touched the pinnacles of success.

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