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Gayatri Sanjana Sannala is currently situated in Bangalore and pursuing her major in computer science engineering at Amrita VishwaVidhyapeetham. She also leads The Press Club at her institute, writing articles and event reports for the club’s blog and college’s monthly newsletter. She takes great interest in reading classics and analysing author’s perspective about the same.

Gender equality around us

Equality of women and men is a fundamental human right and an essential element of democracy. It is the foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and substantial world. The society now has changed and opened up towards gender equality, however there are still a few underlying incidents and practices which speak otherwise. Overtime, women went from being just a housewife who cooks and gives birth, to creating their own identity as an individual, contributing to the humankind neck and neck with men and most importantly standing up for themselves. Men too have changed as generations pass by, they stopped behaving superior to women, and started treating women equal to themselves. This switch in people’s viewpoint has lead us to this fast and progressing world we live in.

The word equality is misunderstood by most of us for same physical capabilities. Biologically men and women are different, hence it is about equal chances offered to a man and a woman. It is very difficult to scale everything and run on an equilibrium every time. But right from denim’s pocket size to monthly pay checks, women are always compromised. Few years ago, cracking a sexist joke wouldn’t seem morally wrong, but now one could not imagine making such a remark in open. One of the root cause of this issue lies in the upbringing of children and the environment at home. A child who sees their sister helping their mother in kitchen while their brother just plays outside or a father abusing a mother, a strong misconception of men control women sits in these little minds.

Even today, girls have an early curfew, before sunset, whereas boys can stay out much later. The society can be very judgemental towards women, what they wear, who they spend time with, etc. People focus on lecturing girls to be careful, dress to cover up and restrict them, more than teaching boys how to treat girls with respect.

Men too face some difficulties, given that there is a huge expectation on them to be the main breadwinner at home, they lose the freedom to experiment with their passion and fear failure more. A boy who cries when he is devastated is asked to “stop behaving like a girl”. Though men have physical freedom to go outdoors, women have the mental freedom to express freely.

Gender equality is concerned not only with the roles, responsibilities and needs of women and men, but also with interrelationships between them. The society has a set of norms regarding how a respective gender should behave. Exhibiting emotion openly doesn’t make a boy any less of a man, just like how being opinionated and independent doesn’t make a girl any less of a woman. Gender equality is mainly about one’s access to opportunities and life changes is neither dependent on, nor constrained by, their sex. This can be achieved by overcoming the social standards and welcoming all situations with an open mind. Once we attain that, it will lead us to a better economy, and makes our communities safer and healthier.

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