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About Us

Making a difference with empathy

Samvedna, an NGO for the advancement of gender awareness and gender rights, aims to empower women and girls by equipping them to become equal stakeholders in the development process. We aim to bridge the gap between the numerous central and state government schemes available for empowering women. Our endeavour is to optimise the available opportunities for women and maximise their potential in terms of skill development and access to loans and grants and enable their financial inclusion.

Our aims and objectives involve setting up a legal helpline, conducting awareness programmes on gender sensitisation and countering sexual harassment at the workplace. We will also be working with the government and coordinating with the district units of the Red Cross, family counselling centres, child welfare councils.

Samvedana also aims to work with the CDPOs and BDPOs at the district level to deal with domestic violence and to enforce the Right to Education.

We endeavour to make informed interventions in educational institutions (schools, colleges and universities) to sensitise boys and generate awareness about ingrained gender bias in our socio-cultural conditioning. The aim will be to educate students about perpetuation of sex-specific stereotypes. We strive to bring about gender awareness not merely through charity or social work but by changing mindsets, helping our target to optimise their strengths. We aim to facilitate women to empower themselves. True to our name, at Samvedna it is empathy and sensitivity that drive our objectives as well as mode of functioning. 

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Key People

Team Samvedana comprises professionals from diverse backgrounds such as law, finance, media and the NGO sector. These individuals not only bring to the table their domain expertise but also have in common a shared zeal for making a difference at the grassroots and becoming catalysts of social change. The Samvedna team would like to initiate projects in collaboration with government agencies, NGOS and other platforms for social activism.


Prajakta Avhad



Aruti Nayar

Vice President


Swati Chaudhary

General Secretary


Lally Saini

Executive Member


Ritu Pathak


Untitled design (1).png

Manjula Walia



Shivani Chhabra

Executive Member


Suman Sharma

Executive Member


Pradnya Hendre

Executive Member

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