Interactive workshop for Gender awareness held at school in Pinjore

We, the members of Samvedana, Prajakta, Ritu and Aruti visited the Vivekanand Millennium School on the HMT campus in Pinjore. As a part of our ongoing outreach programme in schools, a Gender Awareness Workshop for teachers was conducted by Prajakta. By dwelling on Sex, Gender and Power and the dynamics of all three, it was demonstrated how gender awareness or the lack of it impacts all areas of our life and society. The participants expressed their views on society, home, office and media and the underlying gender equations.

The manner in which we internalise sex-specific stereotypes and many forms of discrimination was brought out through the activities done with the teachers. It was interesting to see how the participants enthusiastically expressed their opinions on gender roles, inherent fallacies and biases that affect personal and social interaction.

The teachers were a highly responsive and motivated group that offered fresh insights. The activity with 27 teachers went on smoothly. The involvement was total and there was tremendous synergy.

Particularly the Power Walk, that revealed the subtle way in which caste, class and gender divides operate was insightful. The audience as well as participants expressed their opinions freely.

While addressing the group, it was stressed how gender works in subtle snd subversive ways and affects society, culture as well as police, executive and judiciary. In order to effect change in society, the role of teachers is crucial. They can mould young minds and touch lives, often leaving an indelible impression. Gender sensitisation is critical to bringing about social change. As agents of change and catalysts of behavioural transformation, teachers are active changemakers and social influencers.

The interaction with the Vice Principal, Ms Pallavi was stimulating. She revealed how there was holistic teaching in the school and how the post Covid-19 challenge of online teaching meant revamping of teaching methods. Her dynamic and enthusiastic attitude was infectious.The atmosphere in the school was positive and enabling. This was reflected in the way the group responded to the trainer's questions. Prajakta's presentation was well received. It was a learning experience for our team. We look forward to more interaction with the students and the faculty of the school.

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