The Will ofAmrita Pritam

Came across the Will of Amrita Pritam. .... found it so beautiful.

The Will Of Amrita Pritam

Fully conscious and in good health, I am writing today my will:

After my death

Ransack my room

Search each item

That is scattered


Everywhere in my house.

Donate my dreams

To all those women

Who between the confines of

The kitchen and the bedroom

Have lost their world

Have forgotten years ago

What it is to dream.

Scatter my laughter

Among the inmates of old-age homes

Whose children

Are lost

To the glittering cities of America.

There are some colors

Lying on my table

With them dye the sari of the girl

Whose border is edged

With the blood of her man

Who wrapped in the tricolor

Was laid to rest last evening.

Give my tears

To all the poets

Every drop

Will birth a poem

I promise.

My honor and my reputation

Are for the woman

Who prostitutes her body

So her daughter can get an education.

Make sure you catch the youth

Of the country, everyone

And inject them

With my indignation

They will need it

Come the revolution.

My ecstasy

Belongs to

That Sufi


Abandoning everything

Has set off in search of God.


What’s left

My envy

My greed

My anger

My lies

My selfishness



Cremate with me…

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