Session on skill development and inclusion of men

On 13.03.2022, 7th session of Kajehdi village project was successfully conducted by Team Samvedana.

Prajakta Avhad, President, Aruti Nayar, Vice-President, Manju Walia treasurer, Adv Ritu Pathak Secretary, Swati Chawdhary and Suman Sharma executive members Samvedana and volunteers like Dr. Inderdeep, Dr. Shubhnoor, V. Maithreyee took efforts to arrange the session.

Officials from Skill Development Mission Chandigarh attended the workshop and imparted awareness to more than 50 participants, regarding various government schemes pertaining to skill development for people of 14 to 45 years of age group of both genders.

Moreover, the skill development trainings are absolutely free and the duration of courses range from 2 months to 2 years. Furthermore, candidates attending these courses are given conveyance allowance,stipend , insurance cover and provided placements with the related industry too. These departments also help Candidates in setting up their own business and help get subsidized loans at cheaper rate of interest.

The participants showed keen interest in getting themselves, relatives and their knowns, enrolled in the courses offered. All the participants were enthusiastic and are looking forward for the next such empowering session.

The highlight of today's event was the presence of male members of the area. They not only showed keen interest in knowing about the various training programs offered but were enthusiastic to get themselves enrolled in the same. Team Samvedna facilitated One male and two females for expressing desire to get enrolled in various training programs.

Swati Chaudhary, Executive member stressed upon the need for women n men to become financially, technically empowered so that the burden of running the household can be shared by couples as equal partners.

Prajakta Avhad, President stressed upon taking advantage of the skill development schemes being floated by Chandigarh Administration, as they are meant for empowering people develop new skills. A plan is underway to take the participants to visit the training center in order to overcome any hesitation of participants.

Commendable efforts from Suman Sharma ji, Executive Member and her staff has frutified the presence of male members/ fathers of students/ husbands and sons of female participants in this session.

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