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Samvedana’s first anniversary celebrations— by President Prajakta Avhad

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

I could constructively utilise last year’s COVID lockdown to conceptualise and register my long dreamt NGO ‘Samvedana ‘ with like minded friends. Aruti Nayar, Lally Saini, Kusum Sood, Veena Surinder, Shivani Chhabra,Ritu Pathak, Sanyogita, Indu Singh

Gender issues always remained very close to my heart. Years of work at places like Snehalaya in Ahmednagar, Melghat Mitra, Red Cross, Child Welfare Council, Assosiation for social health in India (ASHI), Family Counselling centres at various districts in Punjab, Center for Social Research (CSR) New Delhi, ASHA for women in USA, mediation work in Punjab and Haryana High Court helped me understand nuances in gender issues and helped to gain a perspective.

With a team of like minded people, even during pandemic period we could make an impact.

Through the free helpline offering legal advise/ mediation & counselling we could extend helping hand to 16 women and families across the globe.

In our Kajheri Village project we are continuously working with a group of 200 women and adolescents on issues like health, domestic violence, financial independence, drug abuse, vocational training to develop a gender empowerment model.

Our most successful project is trainings on gender awareness, sexual harassment at workplace and legal literacy campaign. Through this we could reach out to 60 schools, 1350 teachers and 90 students, 2 government departments and young people in tribal belts.

On October 8 th , 2021 SAMVEDANA celebrated its first anniversary with friends, supporters and wel wishers.

Team Samvedana is looking forward to build synergy and work tirelessly on multiple projects.

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