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Presentation in CAGE

CAGE ( Community of Advocates for Gender Equality) arranged a monthly discussions/ presentations on various aspects of gender.

The theme for the monthly CAGE meet was "Gaps between Govt schemes of women and child development and stakeholders: issues and challenges." Prajakta Avhad, Founder President Samvedana gave a discourse on the topic based on her experiences with various training programmes , helpline for domestic disputes-DV- counselling etc and the experiences with the village community where Samvedana is running a skill centre.

A note about yesterday’s session prepared by Aruti Nayar.

This interactive session on the gaps between stakeholders and government schemes pertaining to women and children brought to the fore many issues. The foremost was the need to be proactive and generate synergy.

Rainuka Dagar suggested the 16-day campaign against GBV.

Upneet from Institute for Correctional administration, Chandigarh was of the view that it was important to record stories of survivors of domestic violence and not only victims. This would give hope yo the women to stand up for themselves. Also there was the need to create a support group.

Anu Sablok and her students from ISSR Mohali asked many questions to make the discussion fruitful.

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