“ My World “ is a series of insights on gender issues by the people for the people

Dipti Kale is a young IT professional working for a MNC.She stays in Pune. Here she discusses her experiences at home, at a workplace and in the society.

Lesser than others

I lost my mother in an accident when I was just 5 years old. My mother was a working woman so I and my brother spent most of our free time with our grandmother. After my mother’s death my grandmother took our complete responsibility. One thing I can proudly say is that she and my father never made any discrimination between me and my brother. So we never faced any gender differences at home. But the things were different outside. When I completed my graduation in 2010, I wanted to try my luck in IT sector as I was a Java topper of my batch. When a few of my relatives came to know about my future plans, even without having any knowledge about how IT works they tried to influence my father and grandmother and asked them to marry me off. Generally people think that getting married and raising a family is the best course of action for every woman. I am glad to be raised by a SUPER WOMAN called Grandma who supported me at that time. With her support I came to Pune and completed my certification from a well known institute. Soon after I got a placement in India’s topmost IT company- Tata consultancy services.

In my professional journey so far, I’ve mixed experiences about how IT industry treats its women aspirants. Mostly I found people to be respectful and kind. But once I had a taste of how gender discrimination works when it comes to the top positions in the organization. Even after getting many best performance awards in my first organization and successfully completing a project in the new one, an opportunity for working on site in another country was rejected. The new project manager felt that females can’t handle things properly. Women earn just for their makeup & maintenance. After working for long hours with dedication this experience was quite disturbing. I raised a complaint against him under the company policy to my HR head. Enquiry was done and the issue got resolved. But unfortunately after all this hard work and burning the midnight oil I lost an on-site opportunity, to get a firsthand experience to work in another country.

This personal experience has taught me a lot. And I will keep this in mind while dealing with my female colleagues and juniors. I feel that women should stand up for each other.

Our work environment should value inclusion and belonging, it should make us free from all the unconscious biases. People especially women should not be made feel ‘lesser than others’ due to their gender. Technology has helped us to break all the gender barriers; the need of the hour is to clear our minds off all the biases.

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