“My World “ is a series of insights on gender issues by the people for the people

Chandrashekhar Deshpande

Works in Tata Motors as a Deputy General Manager. He is an avid reader and have a deep interest in Marathi Literature and particularly Marathi Poetry.


It is said that time never stops for anyone

She has to pause, she has to stop and stand…

She has to stop, wait and stand in different roles

She waits to find timely, correct solutions

In an exact, mathematical way

She rises to meet the need of any occasion, all situations…

She waits for the uncooked roti to puff up

The next roti might be ready but

She patiently roasts the one on the flame

She will never pull it away in haste

She might be tired and sweating,

Her back might be hurting and sore,

But she does not leave the workspace

She waits to boil the milk, not allowing it to boil over, to waste

As her life partner fulfils his sky-high dreams,

She squarely, firmly stands by him

Just as she stands by the children…

Until they too soar after they grow wings…

She stands as the children answer nature’s call

And then takes them to wash them clean.

She stands by the growing children who take up coaching…

Until they successfully master maths, grammer and what not !

She sustains her energy to withstand tedious

exam schedules, parent-teacher meetings,

pushing them to study at all hours

Be it early morning or even late night sometimes !

She spends time with her husband to share a few moments,

Enjoy a cup of tea-coffee, a heart-to-heart chat

a true stressbuster

She stands and waits until each member of the family comes home

She waits until they all eat and controls her own hunger.

She stands by in every situation to back everyone.

She backs you up that’s why everything runs smoothly

She is the only pivot around which everything revolves.

Why hesitate in accepting this?

It's the unending energy while she stands by,

Which drives us to a more comfortable mode.

For the last 13 months, the whole world is trouble-torn.

Time is still moving on.

But she stands strong, unflinching, on a firm footing,

In every situation, every need, in every tiny task.

The kitchen stove has no rest.

It is constantly burning.

Though she gets fatigued, bored, stressed…

As she keeps everything clean, often taking extra care

Her determination to prevent the pandemic from intruding

Into the home from any corner often succeeds.

Her standing by is not passive

It contains a huge storehouse of energy.

That energy itself will sweep out

The current frightening time.

A grand salute to every "She"

In each and every house.. in every family !!

It is because She is that we all are

Transcreated by Aruti Nayar

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