“My World “ is a series of insights on gender issues by the people for the people

Bharti Sharma is a Secretary of WE group a group of contemporary Women artists in Chandigarh.A post graduate in fine arts ( drawing and painting) and also of in Textile designing ( silver medalist) .She has participated in many group shows like lalit kala academy Chandigarh, KT kala Amritsar, Thakur Singh art gallery Amritsar, Roreich art gallery Naggar, Gaitey theater Shimla, Jawahar kala kendra Jaipur, Artscape Chandigarh, unique art group Panchkula etc.Attends and conducts Painting and textile designing workshops.

The painting "Treasure " depicts that elders are a blessings to us but there are places particularly in rural areas where elders hold a complete control on younger generations causing a friction. In this Painting I depict that this type of relationships can be changed with faith, affection and mutual understanding. It opens all the doors. In this Painting there is devil shown behind the old women. In villages daughter in law feel like this. But actually they are wrong. Love is stronger than hate, jealousy and rigidness.Rigid people can be changed gradually with affection. In short all you need is love. Love is more powerful than hate. Love bears all things. Every relation requires love,affection, respect understanding and sacrifice. Particularly when when women support each other.

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