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Inauguration of ‘ Samvedana skill centre’

A proud moment to share as a founder president Samvedana!

Another milestone in Samvedana’s journey!

Started barely 2 years ago and we are going strong!

One and half years back we started working with a village community near Chandigarh addressing various issues related to Women’s health, skill development, upgradation of skills, banking and marketing etc. On June 30 th, 2022 we inaugurated the “ Samvedana Skill centre “ in village Kajheri, sec 52 , Chandigarh . Starting with a stitching centre gradually we will work on overall skill development including the soft skills of the women.

Samvedana works for gender equal society. In such a short time we have done 74 training programme on gender sensitisation for various organisations and a few workshops on POSH act in various parts of the country. We have done 32 special sessions for Red Cross volunteers- trainees and village groups. We have helped in 21 cases of matrimonial dispute, DV etc in India and abroad. Through these programmes we have reached hundreds of teachers, students, multiple organisations and families.

Bravo team!

And many more miles to go!

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