Health awareness camp for women

After a long gap due to the pandemic, Samvedana held the health awareness camp for women in village Kajheri sec 52 Chandigarh. This is a third of its kind in year 2021. Samvedana wishes to run a long term project on a particular target group encompassing various stakeholders in that group and touching multiple subjects.

Dr Diksha Sharma APO, Maternal and child health, made the participants aware about the nutrition requirements during pregnancy and for lactating mothers. She also discussed in detail the importance of various check ups and tests during pregnancy and aftercare.

Total 68 women participated in this session.The participants freely asked a lots of questions and discussed multiple health issues.

Star Public School, Kajheri, it’s Principal Mrs Suman Sharma and the staff members took special efforts in making the session a success.

Volunteers and especially Sahil from Satyam medical supported the event.

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